Friday, July 13, 2012

Girls Night!

What is the best chick flick ever?


This is an extremely debatable point, and although it might not be THE best...its defiantly one of them.

And which one would that be?

How about "My Girlfriend's Boyfriend"?

I love this movie for many reasons.

1. It is clean. No " I wish they left this out", or "Maybe we should fast forward through this part?!?"
2. Christopher Gorham is cute.
3. The plot is clever and unique, it's refreshing.
4. It doesn't end how you think it will.
5. You can watch it again... and again... and maybe even again.

Hope you enjoy!

Lots of ♥,



  1. well this is good to know! i have been looking for a good {and clean} chick-flick to watch for a movie night with some friends! and now i have one! thanks bunches! :D

    ♥, sarah

    p.s. christopher gorham is pretty cute!

  2. i just finished watching it, {i decided to do something different with my friends} and it was a-dor-a-ble! i loved it! one of my new favs. and it probably, actually is THE best chic-flick ever.

    ♥, sarah

  3. Cute, cute blog! I will have to check out that movie! Thank you so much for recommending this! Too many movies these days just are naughty! Oh and I love your pin in the upper right hand castle! It is so true! If the temple isn't their castle then niether is that prince! Haha. And I love this years mutual theme one as well!

  4. Sorry I mean upper right hand corner!

  5. I'm so glad you liked it Sarah... and Hermione, it really is the best castle of all!

  6. One of my favorite movies!! I've got to get my fiance to watch it with me now. ;)