Saturday, October 1, 2011


There is a price for playing with magic. A price Azalea and her eleven sisters are not aware of.

If they wish to spend nights dancing a Keeper’s enchanted pavilion, they are more than welcome to. But there is a cost, and Keeper will make them pay.

But the harder Azalea tries to even the balance, the worse things get. And she becomes trapped in a web of secrets, enchantment, and dancing. Especially dancing.

Entwined is Heather Dixon’s retelling of the “Twelve Dancing Princesses. However, in making it her own, some majored details were omitted.

To tell the truth, I was grateful. It was a relief that this version didn’t hold as many deaths as the original.

The atmosphere through much of the story is intense and dark, which makes the need for goodness to triumph more necessary.

One way this atmosphere is achieved is the concept of magic having two parts, goodness, and darkness.

Part of the way Dixon keeps the mood is how she picks her wording. She keeps a sense of humor, even it when things aren’t going well, but she avoids being cheesy. The only part where this isn't true is the ending. For such an emotional book, the ending seemed too silly. It was cute, but not right for this book.

Over all, I loved it. I became addicted. It was the prefect, stay-up-all-night-scare-yourself -silly-fall-in-love-make-you-smile-kind-of-book.

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