Monday, August 29, 2011

Modge Podge Helps

I love Modge Podge. But, it is a learning experience. Here are some helps so you can avoid annoying mistakes that I have made. 

1. Don't use a brush the the bristles will fall out of as you are using. If bristles fall off, PICK THEM UP AT THAT MOMENT. If not, they will become sealed in to your finish. 

2. It is really hard to put glue on top of modge podge. For example, don't do a layer of paper, put modge podge on, then try to glue something on top of that. Instead, Glue all your layers down, and modge podge ONCE. Side note- You can hot glue on modge podge. 

3. If you are gluing paper on the surface you want to modge podge, try really hard to get all the edges down, and  pull it tight and flat. Note: Things will look more wrinkly when wet, but when they dry, they will become flatter. 

4. Paint the modge podge the same direction, this way if you have brush lines, it looks nice. Or, do a design, like zig-zags, or swirls. 

5. Always cover your surface:)

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