Thursday, January 19, 2012



On everything, and anything.

iLike it sooo much, the dust in my tower is glittery.

Want some ideas for using it?

1. Eye Shadow

I know you can buy sparkly eye shadow, but it works so much better to just use really fine body glitter. I got mine at Clarie's and I just dust it on my eyelids with my fingers. If you don't put on any eye shadow with the glitter, the glitter will stick better.

2. With Modge Podge

When you put on a modge podge finish, you can sprinkle a tiny bit of glitter in for a special flare.

3. Homemade Glitter Toes

Paint  your toes with clear coat, sprinkle on glitter, let dry, brush acces glitter off. Repeat untill to your liking, then put a few coats on so that it is a smooth final product.

Lots of ♥,


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  1. I love glitter- you can use it on anything- and hey- I like your blog background...
    It looks familiar. ;)
    It's mine.
    Stop by?