Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day Camp Fun

Because Pascal and I like to pretend, I created an imaginary summer camp for him to attend, and I thought that you might like to hear about it!

In this booklet, there are a series of badges on the final page. These badges are to be colored in as you earn them. Here are the instructions to earning those badges.

Music Badge-  We earned this badge by singing camp songs. These can be any simple children's songs that you know, the choice is up to you!

Picnic Badge- We earned this badge by, well, having a picnic!!! We spread a blanket out on the grass (yes, we left the tower!), and ate camp fire mix.

How to make campfire mix: Mix marshmallowsgram crackers, and chocolate ships together in a bag. Enjoy!

Astronomy Badge- To earn this badge, we read Fancy Nancy sees Stars

This book is super cute, and after we read it, we created our own constellations.

Toilet Paper Roll Constellations:


-Toilet Paper Roll
-Dark Blue or Black Tissue Paper
-Rubber Band


1. Cut the tissue paper into two 4" by 4" squares. I had one light blue square and one dark blue square.
2. Cover 
one end of the toilet paper roll with both sheets of the tissue paper. Secure with rubber band.
3. Punch a design in the tissue paper with the pin. You can do your initials, or any other design your heart desires. You want enough dots that light shines through, but don't put them too close together.
4. Now hold it up to the sky, and you can see stars what ever time of day you want!

Nature Walk Badge- This is a simple nature walk that can easily be done in your neighborhood or even the back yard. It is included in the camp booklet. Along with that, we read Fancy Nancy Poison Ivy Expert. (Yes we like Fancy Nancy!)

Arts and Crafts Badge- This is a craft project that can be done with objects found in the world around you! On your nature walk collect leaves, flowers, and other interesting things that you might come across. Use glue to attach these items on a piece of paper, and then add to the picture with crayons. Family Fun Magazine suggests creating fairies. 

Animal Badge: The pages for this activity are located in the camp booklet. We talked about different animals that are found around the world. We also created our own animals. For this activity pick any fun book that has to do with animals, I don't have any fabulous suggestions.

Hope you enjoy!

Lots of Love,


P.S. To assemble the book, cut the pages in half, and staple them together. The books will come soon!

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