Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hua Mulan

I love stories with strong female leads...

I also love fairy tales, although I prefer my princesses to be, as I said before, STRONG. 

Maybe that is why I am so drawn to the story a Hua Mulan. 

Now I am sure you have heard the Disney version of the story, but the Ballad of Mulan is equally beautiful, if not more so. I love this link because it has the characters, the pinyin, the direct translation, AND the poetic translation of the song. I have yet to find the music for the song. 

I also love fairytale retellings. The Once Upon a Time series is a collection of fabulous books, written by assorted authors, that all are based on a fairy tale. 

Recently, I jut finished reading, this one, Wild Orchid. I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you, that one is a retelling of Mulan

This book was extremely addicting, I was swept away by just the first page of it. Everything about was just my style, not to mention the extremely attractive male characters...

It was also very inspiring, since it was about finding yourself. The message was positive,as well as thought provocative. 

Author: Cameron Dokey
Pages: 224
Genre: Fairy Tale/ Historical Fiction
My opinon: I really enjoyed escaping to ancient China. This book was entertainingand exciting.I couldn't put it down, I was hooked. 

This book also reminded me of another book  I have read. 

This book was also about a female warrior, and shared very similar concepts to Wild Orchid. But, it was also very different. It you like stories about strong women, this is a book for you! 

Author: Dori Jones Yang
Pages: 352
Genre: Historical Fiction
My opinon: As I said before, I loved this book. It was inspiring,and amazing. Very romantic, and it made you think

Happy Reading!!!

Lots of Love,


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