Friday, February 3, 2012

Ten Miles Past Normal

Janie thought living on a farm was a great idea...

when she was in fourth grade.

Now she is starting her first year of high school, and has new feelings about it.

It hasn't been winning her any popularity points so far.

Like when she ends up going to school with goat pop on her shoe.

Or the boy who charges her five dollars to drive her home because gas is expensive and its out of his way.

Something has got to change.

And it does when she meets Monster.

He doesn't care about the things everyone else does.

He likes Janie because she is...Janie.

And for once, she doesn't have to blend in.

I liked this book for a lot of reasons. The setting was defiantly one of them. The farm was a refreshing and fun place to read about it.

Janie's feelings are very universal to most teenage girls, which made the book relate able. Being able to relate to the book and care about the charters it a huge selling point for me.

And, it was funny:)

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