Sunday, July 17, 2011

By Lantern Light...

Isn't the idea of floating in a boat under lanterns so romantic? I think every girl would love to do something like that. 

Although it's not quite the same as floating lanterns, here is a craft that will light up your table, front walkway or porch. 

I got the idea form all of the mason jar crafts on Studio 5.

-Modge Podge
-Tissue Paper 
-Glass Jar (Make sure you can get a lighted candle in!)
-Scratch paper 
-Glitter (optional)
1. Cover your surface with scratch paper.
2. Put a little bit of modge podge on you jar, and stick tissue paper on it. It then, continue to cover the jar in tissue paper, and apply modge podge over top. You don't need any underneath the paper, just make sure the top part is covered.
3. If you want glitter, carefully sprinkle it on the jar while the jar is still wet.

Hope you enjoy!!!!

Lots of Love,


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