Saturday, July 23, 2011

Picture Perfect

Here is a fun and easy craft that will add a princessey touch to any girls room!

-Photo frame
-Hot Glue
-Yellow Yarn
-Artificial Flowers ( I used fire flowers)


Cut nine long pieces of yarn. The length you need will depend on your frame size. Pieces anywhere from 1-2 yards should work fine. Tie the pieces together at the top with a knot. Braid until you reach the end, and then knot that. 

The next step allows you to be fairly creative. Your finished piece will look something like this,

so it is a good idea to lay the yarn down in a few different desgins before you hot glue for the final time.When you are ready to do that, cut the knot off of one end of your braid. Hot glue that end down in a way that will not allow your braid to come undone. Then do a few dots of hot glue in the places where the braid lays flat on the frame, or the yarn over laps. You don't want to hot glue the whole braid down, because it will ruin the effect. Cut the knot of the other end, and hot glue that end down like you did the first end.

Once the braid is done, hot glue the flowers on. Gluing the flowers down over the end is a good way to hide the rough ends.

Happy decorating!

Lots of Love. 


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