Thursday, July 28, 2011

Feathered Friends

Here is a fun craft that will put a use to all those fabric scraps that don't seem to serve any real purpose except for cluttering up you craft room. 

This cute owl can be use as gift bag, or as decoration. 

-Paper lunch bag
-At least three different corresponding pieces of fabric
-A glue stick
-Hot Glue
-Modge Podge
-Paint brush
-Two buttons


1. Cut the top of your paper bag to look like ears. An easy way to do that is fold it in half length wise, and cut a quarter of a circle in the top. 

2. Take a rectangle of fabric that is the same width of you bag, and same height, measuring from tip of ears to bottom of bag, and glue it on. (do this over the side of the bag with the seam)

3. Turn the bag over backwards, and trim the fabric so it is the same size and shape of the bag.

4. Cut out two small circles out for the eyes, it is best to cut them out at the same time, so they are the same size.

5. Cut a larger circle out for the belly. Cut a small triage out of this fabric as well, this will be the beak. 

6. Glue these pieces on the owl.

7. Use a brush to Modge Podge your bag so the the fabric won't come un-glued.

8. Once the bag is dry, hot glue on buttons for eyes.

Once it is done, you can stuff tissue paper in the bag, so that it looks fuller, and cutter.

Have fun!!!!

Lots of Love,


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