Friday, July 29, 2011

Owl Post

In Harry Potter, all mail is delivered by owls. Although you might not be able to do that with real owls, here is a card that will fulfill that purpose!


-At least three different corresponding pieces of fabric
-A glue stick
-Hot Glue
-Paint brush
-Two buttons
-Card Stock


1. Take a card sized piece of card stock, fold it, and cut it into an owl shape, make sure you don't loose your fold.

2. Cover your card with a piece of fabric, glue it on, and trim the edges, so the fabric is the same size and shape as the card.

3. Cut out two small circles out for the eyes, it is best to cut them out at the same time, so they are the same size.

4. Cut a larger circle out for the belly. Cut a small triage out of this fabric as well, this will be the beak. 

5. Glue these pieces on the owl.

6. Then hot glue on buttons for eyes.

Lots of Love,


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